Super Bowl XLIX – Thrill of a lifetime!

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STILL can’t believe that I’m HERE! GO HAWKS!!!

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It seemed like there were twice as many Seahawks fans as there were Patriot fans!

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On the airport shuttle and airplane ride from Seattle to Phoenix, there were TONS of Seahawks fans making it so much fun!  You felt like you were part of a HUGE family!

me and pally at superbowl

One of my best friends in the whole world, Annie “Pally” O’Neill,  met me in Phoenix for the big game!!!


This cool Volkswagen bug was shipped down by it’s owner, Hans, who stayed at the hotel where we were staying.

hawks hotel

We had to drive over to where the Seahawks were staying to pick up my media pass.

hawks hotel detail

SO exciting to see Russell Wilson’s image on one of the buildings!

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Got it!

Robin at superbowl on field

STILL can’t believe I’m HERE, AND on the field at the SUPER BOWL!!!

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My friend Fran texted me this photo she took off of her TV with me in the background at the Super Bowl!  So fun!

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