12 book by robin layton

12 is a visionary look at a key component of the Seattle Seahawks’ recent success: their rabid fans. Renowned photojournalist Robin Layton gives a unique artistic view of the legions of roaring, chanting, howling fans that make Seattle’s CenturyLink Field the most feared destination in the NFL for visiting teams. This book brings to life the passionate, deafening, exhilarating world of Seattle Seahawks fans.

Robin Layton’s impressionistic photographs capture the energy, the passion and the creativity of the shared community of 12s through a series of mesmerizing images of ethereal artistry. Robin’s photographs for this book look beyond basic documentation and elevate everyday fans to high art. These images capture the frenzy and emotional swings that the “12” experience embodies. These pictures swirl and throb with energy and motion — taking us inside the roiling, boisterous and ever-hopeful world of fans.

12 includes approximately 100 stunning photographs edited down from over 100,000 photographs taken by Robin from the sideline and stands at CenturyLink Field and the Super Bowl itself. These impressionistic images are created entirely within the camera and represent a unique artistic and technical achievement. These photographs have been displayed to critical acclaim in galleries and in a special exhibition at CenturyLink Field.

Photo © Anthony Bolante, The Image Arsenal LLC, 2014

Photo © Anthony Bolante

12 is not just another book about football, nor is it another roundup of action photos. It is an artful portrait of a uniquely American experience. Robin’s pictures for this book present a poignant and esoteric vision of the culture and community of fans everywhere — through the lens of Seattle’s 12s.

Robin takes viewers on an enlightening journey from the field to the streets — wherever Seahawks fans gather to celebrate their team.


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